Make great culinary creations while camping. This 3-piece set will give you all the pots you need to make anything from a single serving of soup to recreating your grandmother's pasta e fagiole. The pots nest with flat handled lids to make packing easy. Delicious meals not included. 

These pots are made of durable aluminum and are sure to impress.

Pot sizes in this set:

Small is about 7.9” tall x 6” wide and holds 4L

Medium is 9.4” tall x 7.9” wide and holds 8L

Large is 11” tall x 8.3” wide and holds 12 Liters.

Current Stock:
12.20 (in)
10.24 (in)
12.20 (in)
Includes flat lids with a wire D-ring handles Wire bail handles on pots fold down for easy packing


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Aluminum Tribal Pot Set

Frank Bailey on 1st Nov 2021

12L Lid arrived scratched. 8L pot handle tabs prevent 12L lid from sitting cleanly on top when all pots are nested. I wrote an email to the company about this and have received no reply as of yet.