Lightweight, compact, and durable, the AceCamp Camp Kit S is an excellent choice for 1 or 2 people who want to go fast and light.  The hard-anodized surface is twice as hard as stainless steel so it's very difficult to scratch.  Even better it's naturally non-stick so you can scramble eggs without entering the 7th level of clean-up hell.  All touch points are plastic coated for safe handling while hot.  Handles fold tight against the sides and everything nests together for compact transport - the mesh bag keeps it all together and doubles as a handy way to hang your utensils and kit to dry.  A small vent hole on the side of the lid vents steam when water boils so there is no need to remove the lid to check on progress.  With a 6" frying pan and .8 quart (.75 liter) pot you can cook most back country fare.  The lid fits on both the pot and the frying pan.  Soup lovers will appreciate the folding ladle and two 8-oz bowls/cups.  With the included serving spoon and scrubber you have a complete kit.  Leave out the utensils and a 110 g fuel canister and small stove can fit inside.  Weight:  14.8 oz (complete), 14.2 oz (w/o bag), 11.2 oz (pans only).  Dimensions:  6" D x 3.5" (packed)

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Lightweight and Compact 1-2 Person Cook Kit Made Non-Stick & Durable Hard-Anodized Aluminum Includes: .8 qt Pot, 6" frying pan, lid, 2 cups/bowls, ladle, serving spoon, scrubber, and mesh bag. Wt: 14.8 oz (complete), 11.2 oz (pots only) Dimensions: 6" D x 3.5" (packed)

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