In need of a compass to help direct you to your next destination? This captain compass is built for the true adventurer with or without a ship. It’s sleek pocket size and solid build is perfect for any journey that you're planning to cast off on. The compass has a liquid filled chamber, is waterproof, and the casing is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. It comes with a durable nylon strap with a locking stainless steel clip to keep it from getting lost. The magnetic needle or rose has a precision positive stop for accuracy, and the degrees are boldly printed on the product for high visibility. This durable compass will help you stay on track with no batteries or charging necessary.

Now you will be able to go out and chart new territories with our captain compass! It’s design is based on the original style used by maritime navigators and old world explorers, and its ergonomic form fits firmly in the palm of your hand. Find your way around geographically from any direction you head out from.

At AceCamp we believe that sometimes low tech is better tech. In emergency situations when you are without internet, cell, GPS or even electrical service our captain compass insures that you will be able navigate to safety. Pack it along in your bug out kit to keep you on track when you are needing to be on the move during an emergency.

AceCamp provides this affordable and high quality captain compass that can help you get your bearings and discover new and exciting places for adventure.

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2.9 oz / 2 in Liquid-filled compass Metal case Strap and clip

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