• MULTI-USE ADVENTURE BAG - This 3-in-1 heavy-duty bag features a regular backpack, detachable waist pack and a detachable day pack. Made of nylon, you can use it as a backpacking pack, as luggage or a duffle bag. It can also be used as a day pack or waist pack for shorter trips, or for smaller travel bags. Adjustable to fit almost anyone.
  • MAIN BACKPACK - Size = 65L - Adjustable torso length to fit most anyone. Reinforced waist belt efficiently transfers the load onto the carriers hips, extra pocket on waist belt fits iPhone 10s Max. Includes sternum and load lifter straps. Easy-to-pull lockable zippers can be pulled with gloves. D-rings on top and a detachable rain fly. Hidden internal pockets to stash cash or passport. For duffel mode zip the shoulder straps and waist belt inside the integrated protective cover and use the included shoulder strap.
  • DETACHABLE WAIST PACK - Size = 6L - Features pocket organizers and a travel bathroom organizer with mirror and a hanging hook on top.
  • DETACHABLE DAY PACK - Size = 25L - Includes a padded back panel for comfort, a main pocket with smaller organizer pockets inside and is capable of carrying a laptop. Also has a phone pocket with a headphone port in the top.
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